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Aquaculture Online Policy Management Indicators

The Aquaculture Investor Index provides a broad view of the relative attraction of different European countries to aquaculture investors

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Aquaculture Competitiveness

The index benchmarks and tracks countries' progress, aggregated across five categories, market, production, regulatory, environmental, and social. The index is designed to rank the aquaculture competitiveness for each country, by producing a quantitative, and scalable assessment, for stakeholders to assess and monitor aquaculture attractiveness.

Aquaculture Analytics

The rationale for category determination is to encompasses the foundations of a successful aquaculture industry. The market, production, regulatory, environment, and social elements when combined provide an assessment framework for decisions about the allocation of resources in the aquaculture industry.

Aquaculture Score Explorer

Aquaculture due diligence refers to broad choices when deciding where to invest. The weighting criteria that apply to each category are assumed to be equal, despite knowing that the interests and motivations for aquaculture stakeholders differ. The score explorer allows users to decide the relevance of market, production, regulatory, environmental, and social factors to their investment decisions.

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